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How hydrogen turbines work

The animation below briefly explains how hydrogen turbines work. It is clear that the integration has far reaching benefits. The hydrogen turbine is based on a new integration of existing and proven components.

This first hydrogen turbine will start to produce hydrogen for the Duwaal project: the initiative of a broad consortium in the region of North Holland, supervised by HYGRO. Objective of the consortium is to create the green hydrogen production chain, achieve distribution to at least 5 hydrogen filling stations and be able to supply hydrogen to 100 trucks. And all this should be achieved simultaneously.

The ENERCON wind turbine, with a capacity of 4MW, will be made suitable for integrating the electrolysis technology. Due to the integration of turbine and electrolysis, many components can be left out and the production of hydrogen will become less expensive, more efficient and reliable.

The hydrogen turbine, the first of its kind, will be demonstrated on ECN's wind turbine testing field in Wieringermeer. At first, the hydrogen is brought under high pressure and transported by road to the filling stations.
For the future, we foresee that hydrogen turbines are directly connected to a hydrogen gas grid. The gas infrastructure will then act as a buffer for the coordination of demand and supply.