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HYGRO Energy organises the daily management of the chain by continuously coordinating and optimising production, distribution and consumption. In this way, the costs within the chain become manageable and green hydrogen becomes an affordable energy source. HYGRO Energy is able to do this thanks to intelligent integrated turnkey solutions developed by HYGRO Technology. The chain is organised in such a way that high quality hydrogen in the right volume is supplied to you at the exact right moment, while at the same time we have the flexibility to respond to the wind energy and electricity markets for the production of hydrogen. Do you want your own hydrogen chain with your own branding? If so, you can also use our services and at the same time benefit from the advantages of a large network. The hydrogen produced can be monitored very easily from wind turbine to filling station. So, if you want, you can guarantee your customers that your hydrogen really comes from one particular turbine.

Chain development

HYGRO Energy is also able to support you in the development of the chain. In the meantime, thanks to efforts in the past years for the Duwaal project, we have gained a lot of know-how and experience in building the chain. Are you looking for sales or are your customers actually looking for a mobility solution? Thanks to MOBIHY we are able to help you with that.

Are you the owner of a filling station and/or wind turbine?

Do you want to start selling hydrogen? Or are you developing a wind turbine that you would like to turn into a (hybrid) hydrogen turbine, but you do not want to develop the entire chain? Please do not hesitate to contact us to see whether we can connect you to our network.

Are you looking for green hydrogen?

It does not matter to us where you want to use the hydrogen. Do you need hydrogen for your operational process and do you want to become more sustainable, do you want power units on hydrogen, do you want to convert your forklift truck fleet to hydrogen, or do you want to convert your fleet of delivery vans and/or trucks and/or buses to hydrogen and do you wish to be able to fill up on your own site, ships or trains? We are looking forward to providing a customised supply of hydrogen for your application.
As of 2020, HYGRO Energy will have sufficient affordable green hydrogen of the highest quality, and if required, it is also possible to supply from a (temporary) storage or buffer. We are committed to reliability, quality and sustainability, with a main focus on safety. 

How we operate

When you want to start producing, purchasing or supplying hydrogen, we will pay you a visit. Application, purchase volumes and location are all aspects that determine the best solution. By discussing all facets with you, we determine the best solution in consultation. 
In the case of a wind farm we may look at the following:

In the case of a filling station we may look at the following:

HYGRO Energy


Are you interested in taking off sustainable hydrogen? Or supply it to your customers? Would you like more information? Please do not hesitate to call us to confer what we could do for you.